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Got it! I got the filter socket thingy that bchan_42 recommended from an auto parts store, and that worked far better than the oil filter pliers I tried first (apparently I was gripping tightly enough to crush the filter slightly, but still not enough to turn it. The socket made it much more tolerable, had it out in less than 5 minutes of grunting!

Thanks for the tips, all!
I used a filter wrench and a ratchet to do it from the top with no problems at all. It was my roommate's 2000 CRV. Just need the right filter wrench and right length extension (can't actually remember if an extension was needed or just a 3/8th ratchet), But, the advice to check for the old gasket sticking to the engine and to make sure you put some oil on the gasket and ONLY hand tighten it is GOLD!!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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