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Compared to a car, the higher seating position in an SUV causes slightly greater head toss on an uneven bumpy road.

And maybe you're especially sensitive to your head's motion. And that might make you dizzy.

So might nasal congestion or an ear infection.

(If you're looking for a legal defense or an excuse for "feeling dizzy", well, good luck -- especially since you've already driven 1200 km presumably without incident.)

Anyway, for a small SUV, the 2019 CRV has terrific ride & handling: "Honda also nailed the fine balancing act between a supple ride and relatively sporty handling. 'I want to call out the ride and handling balance because it's just that good...'"

So I'd be dis-inclined to modify your CRV. I won't modify my 2019 CRV EX.

All that said, you might find some improvement with suspension upgrades. Springs, struts, comfort-oriented tires... maybe a coilover set-up or air suspension. But you could spend thousands and end up with something that doesn't help. Or actually makes it worse.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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