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Hi, 2019 CRV owner here. 1200km and loving it so far. My only problem with it that I tend to get fairly dizzy while driving it, when I meet some bumpy roads. I could just live with it, but I was wondering if there are some aftermarket solutions for these kind of problems. I'm fairly new to cars, so I don't even know the right terms for anything right now..
I've heard aluminum low arms help reduce low frequency vibrations, although I've also heard that's a myth. What I think I'm feeling right now is low frequency vibrations, so I guess it's related, but then again, I really don't know anything.
Vincent, this may or may not be causing your dizziness. The vehicle has an automatic noise canceling (ANC) system, some people are sensitive to ANC and experience headaches or dizziness. Honda didn't provide a means to turn off ANC in the CRV, but it can be unplugged. You might ask your dealer to unplug it to see if it makes any difference. You can also disconnect the ANC yourself to see if it helps. This is a link with instruction to do this.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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