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I am having a serious problem with rock chipping and other paint related problems on my 2013 Honda CR-V. I am taking the car to be looked at tomorrow so I can get an estimate on getting the hood and front bumper cover painted. After they are done painting it I was going to have them put something over the hood and bumper to protect it on the way home. Then, I was going to apply a pre cut clear bra. I have messed with window tinting before in the past which was a little bit of a pain. I do have a nice big garage where I can work on the project though now. Do these clear bras work good? Do they quickly begin to look like crap? I never used one before or seen one. I am just trying to find something that will protect my paint. All the 2013 CR-V's I have seen that have been driven have paint chips on them. The paint is so thin and weak on these cars. I have never seen a car before in my life that was so fragile. Its like they are meant to be parked and not driven. Anyone got any suggestions on what can be done to keep my paint looking new? I did just order a bug deflector. That is where the majority of the chips are. I am hoping it will help some.

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