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Mods to make better than factory or Mods for your unique region / driving conditions?

For my wife's 2014 CRV, I did 2 mod areas (due to weak factory build).


  • Front lighting improvement:
  • Replaced its front H4 Halogen main light bulbs with H4 LED bulbs.
  • Replaced its front H11 halogen FOG light bulbs with H11 LED bulbs.
  • Wired its front fogs to be on (or off) with its front High Beams.
  • If needed, buy/install Fog Light Assemblies and use simple wiring install (to enable them).
For more details, surf:

- Raised its factory "old age" sagged suspension via low cost lift kit using simple spacer blocks (that go above struts / coil springs). I used 20 mm blocks in front and rear. Next time, I would install 20 mm on the front and 30 mm on its rear. If good with a wrench, this is a very simple "on the driveway" DIY upgrade. For more details, surf Amazon / Ebay and search for: "Lift kit increasing ground clearance HONDA CR-V 2007-2017". If wondering, 20 mm = 1.25" height increase due to its A-Arm geometry support points.
  • Get a professional 4 x wheel alignment after lift kit install as well. This will save expensive tire wear.
  • I recommend this upgrade for all deep snow regions / like my north region. Not needed for no snow depth winter regions.
Install a front RAM (aka: Bull bar). Do some internet Google searches and I'm sure a few auto shops in your area can order / install it. If wondering, my wife's CRV was bought with a Bull Bar and we love it.

This work for my wife's 2014 CRV. If liked, these same mods can be applied to your new 2016 CRV as well.
Your wife’s CRV sounds pretty nice. Post some pics when you get a chance. I’d also like to see what the new bulbs look like.

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