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Hi All Community Members and Staff,

We would like to tell you about improvements that are not quite ready yet but are coming soon! As you have already heard us say numerous times now, we are truly listening to your feedback. As active community members, you know what key features are important to enable your participation and engagement in the community. There are a few key items that are continually coming up as more immediate priorities for you. While this is not the entire list, we did want to share updates in the following areas.

Advanced Search Options:
Our development team is actively working on developing an advanced search feature that will better help find exactly what you are looking for. This is a priority for all of us.

We’ve also heard that searching within threads and forums is critical as well as being able to filter by date and thread title. While there are more search functions that can be added, we want to work towards delivering you better Search as soon as possible. Let us know if we are on the right track.

Personalizing your experience is an important part of being a member here. We have heard your feedback on having more options with text and images in your signature. We are launching a solution in the next couple of weeks to allow for this. We hope you like it!

Display on Wider Screens:
The designers are actively making adjustments to accommodate for wider monitors and higher resolutions. As this will affect the display of the site, there is some complexity around the changes to ensure it still works well on ALL devices. We appreciate your patience here and look forward to delivering this improvement very soon.

Showing Locations:
This community is a great way to bring together people from all parts of the globe. We have heard many times that there is interest to show your member location more prominently near your avatar. We are working on a better way to achieve this. In the meantime, you can adjust your location within your profile settings to show when you roll over a member avatar with your mouse.

Much of this feedback has come from your posts within the Community Feedback discussion thread. We do check regularly and often. Thank you again for all your help in making this community better each day.

Your Community Support Team
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