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All Community Members and Staff,

Personalizing your experience and telling the community more about yourself is an important part of being a member here. We have heard your feedback on having more options with text and images in your signature. We are happy to announce that those improvements are here!

Below are some additional details on how to make your signature all about YOU! We’ve also included some instructions on personalizing your display of the site to show or hide signatures, depending on your preferences. We look forward to your feedback and launching more features and improvements in the weeks to come!

Signature Options
  • Your signature can include up to 4 lines, a maximum of 1000 characters and one link Anytime you hit "enter" on your keyboard, it will automatically go to a new line.
  • You can include images but an image also counts as a line.
  • Images will automatically be resized to 300 x 200 pixels to optimize display across all screen types.
  • You can see more options in your settings to collapse signatures, always view full signature, or to not see signatures at all. The choice is yours.
Fun fact: Both guests and members can view signatures, however, members have more options!

If a member has their preferences set to the default they will see collapsed signatures as in the example below for them. (They can click to see more.)

If a user has their preferences set to always show expanded signatures it will look like the example below for them. Your image can be clicked to view full size.

If you want to adjust your preferences for signatures you can click on your avatar near the upper right-hand corner of the site and select account settings.

In the left side navigation, you will see an option for preferences. Click it.

Scroll down to content options and select your signature preferences.

If you have more questions, please let us know in the ‘We Are Now Live Community Feedback’ discussion thread. Thank you again for all your help and collaboration in making this community better each day.

- Your Community Support Team
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