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Auto Headlamp Timer Problem

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My CR-V seems to be doing well except for one thing. When I set the auto headlamp timer to, say, 60 seconds, the system replies that it has been changed, but when I shut the car off, the headlights turn off immediately. I've tried each of the settings, OFF, 15, 30 , and 60 seconds, but it makes no difference.

Does anyone else have the delay set to on and is it working for you?

As a side note, I thought that rebooting the head unit might clear up the problem, but I wasn't successful in doing this. On the 2016 Civic Touring, you can touch and hold the Audio button (top, left button) for about 15 seconds and it will come up and ask if you want to reboot the system. I tried the same thing with the Audio button in the CR-V (middle, left button) and that did nothing. I tried again with the Home button (top, left button) and that brought up Task Manager for the system. Interesting, but not helpful to my situation.

I'm on the phone to Customer Support now to see what they can tell me, but I'm not too hopeful based on the agent's responses to my questions so far. <Sigh> :(
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Am having the same problem with a new 2018 CR-V Touring. Did you loose all of your other personalized settings? What about the radio code? I've also lost the ability to set auto high beams--Symbol doesn't come up except when starting vehicle and high beams on work in momentary mode. Thanks in advance.
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