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Auto High Beams

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Just picked up a left over 2019 EX-L. I believe I have the auto high beams tuned on, but driving on very dark roads, the high beams seem to be off almost all the time. Is there any sensitivity setting on these, or way to be sure they are set to on? Not much in the owners manual about it. Thanks
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There's no sensitivity setting for auto high beam. There is a setting called "Auto Light Sensitivity", but that only adjusts when the headlights turn on/off at dusk and dawn (active when headlight switch in Auto).
Here's two possible fixes:

1) Go to the Lighting Setup screen (Under Settings/Vehicle on the touch screen). There should be 5 options listed. If only 2 are listed, the lighting system needs a reset. See the following link. If all 5 are listed, skip to 2).

2) Disabling, then re-enabling the Auto High Beam has corrected your problem for some. Do the following:

  • Turn the ignition On (engine doesn't have to be running) and put the headlight switch to AUTO.
  • Pull the headlight stalk towards you and hold. After about 30 sec. the Auto High Beam green icon, (just right of the Adaptive Cruise Control icons on driver's display) will flash once. Continue to hold until the icon flashes twice, about 40 sec, then release. This disables Auto High Beam. Make sure you don't blind any traffic nearby as the headlights are on high beam while the stalk is pulled.
  • Pull the stalk again until the icon flashes once (about 30 sec), then release. This re-enables the Auto High Beam.
Here's what the flashing icon looks like:
Auto High Beam Indicator.JPG

3) If that doesn't solve the problem take it to the dealer. It's possible the windshield mounted camera, which controls Auto High Beam, needs recalibration.
Keep us posted as to the fix.
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