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Auto High Beams

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Just picked up a left over 2019 EX-L. I believe I have the auto high beams tuned on, but driving on very dark roads, the high beams seem to be off almost all the time. Is there any sensitivity setting on these, or way to be sure they are set to on? Not much in the owners manual about it. Thanks
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There were 5 options listed under 1. Disabling and re-enabling the Auto High Beam seems to have corrected the problem, and they seem to be working now. Thank you very much.
The Auto High Beam system seems to be one of the glitchier systems in the gen5 CRV. I have it turned off.. and I still will get an alert on my instrument display once or twice a year that the system is impaired and cannot fully function... LOL.

It does not happen often enough to fully troubleshoot (and always clears when the vehicle is started the next time around)... but I think I see a pattern developing with mine --> when the camera receives very bright direct sunlight into the lens (only happens under specific conditions) I think it triggers something in the camera software.
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