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I just bought a 2019 CR-V in June (3rd one). When I would use the auto start, the car would automatically turn on the heat or a/c on full blast to get the car to 70 degrees. Now, when I use the auto start, it just turns the car on and that's it. I don't know if I changed something or if something is wrong with the car.
What part of the US do you live in? I've only tried the auto start a couple of times during the summer months, but 10 minutes on a 98 degree day was not enough to cool the interior to 72 degrees. It was cooler than not using the auto start. As for those who complained about the heaters not warming up quickly, I do not understand. My '18 Touring heats the cabin in a short period of time. I got in this morning (SoCal), 42 degrees outside, I never warm up my cars, just start it up and drive. Within 2 miles it was already blowing very warm air (set at 73 degrees). I lowered it to 70 degrees after mile 4.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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