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Hi folks,

I have just replaced the standard stereo in my UK 2006 LX with a nice modern unit, using an Autoleads PC99 adapter. And it works nicely... except the steering-wheel controls.

Yes the adapter has the wire for the controls signal, and an adapter box to plug the wire into. But the adapter has LOTS of holes to plug the one wire into. The system currently doesn't work, so I've obviously got the wrong hole, which is not difficult with the lack of instructions provided.

Can anybody with ecperience of actually achieving this please tell me what the correct hole my signal wire should be plugged into on the Autoleads adapter box?

And just to complete the picture, my new stereo is a Chinese thing which takes a 3-wire (earth and 2 signals) control input - can anyone please confirm where this should be plugged into the adapter-box?

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