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Hi all,
I recently bought a pair of the Autotain Dream headrest DVD player (moreso for the kids than anything else).
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from the Amazon description:
9" headrest monitors +touch screen 800x480 TFT LCD screens with 27 LED backlights. 2x slot in DVD players with new Autotain software, 2x wireless dual channel IR headphones, cigarette lighter and fuse box power cables, Autotain exclusive how to install and enjoy DVD, a/v pass-through, 2x remote controls, 2x game controllers, 2x game discs, last position memory, USB/SD port and wired headphone jack.
I got these because they seemed relatively all-inclusive in terms of offering a complete installation kit, and also because of the zip-up cover, which sort of gives me a little reassurance that the monitors aren't blatantly visible for thieves to think about stealing (might be a bit of a pipe dream I know).

Anywho... there's a decent installation video that OnFair offers to help guide you through the installation process.

here are pics of the included installation pamphlet

I was able to find a sort of guide online about how to remove the front seat-back panels

however, these didn't really seem to quite be applicable to what I was seeing on my Touring 2016 CRV.

Turns out, the touring with the leather seats is actually EASIER than this...
to start, we identify and unplug some of the cables (side air bag and seat heater?) underneath the front driver's and passenger's seats.
here is a pic looking underneath the passenger's seat. Some of the plugs appear to correspond to the plugs mentioned in the above guide.
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I ended up unplugging the yellow and blue plugs, although I'm not 100% sure if those actually represent the correct plugs. The side air bags didn't deploy during the install though, which was a good thing :p

You can also then unhook the elastic seat clips (marked "D" in the above instruction sheets) and once they are unhooked they look like this:

HOWEVER, please note that I realized that if all you need is access to the back panel to run the wires through you do NOT need to do this step!!!
In fact, If you're doing a similar install, I would strongly urge you NOT to take those clips off. They're kind of a pain in the butt to get back on afterwards.

What you DO need to do is kind of fish out the upholstery zipper shown here on at least the middle corners of both seats

once you have that fished out, then access is as simple as unzipping the zipper!

afterwards, you follow the video instructions - remove the old headrest, screw in the new headrest posts, get the appropriate plastic adapter (it should be quite snug when test fitting), and then thread in the headrest wire and fit in the headrests. After testing the wiring, it seems the player works!

it has the ability to broadcast the audio component over FM (available frequencies are as follows):

Unfortunately, in SoCal where I am, almost all of these frequencies already are taken by stations and I was getting decent reception without a lot of static. The one that I did try (107.9) had pretty poor audio output, so I think I'll just end up going with the built in speakers for now. There have been some complaints that the built in headrest speakers aren't loud enough, but I think when turned to the highest setting, they will be ok for my purposes.​

Afterwards, it's just hiding the wiring and sealing everything back up. A needlenose plier is helpful to grab the *********** when you're trying to seal back up the sides.

...and that's about it. I have to go get an add-on fuse so I can hardwire them in, but so far, they seem to be working ok.

A couple of notes:
1) the color shade of tan is darker than what I have in my Touring. It's sort of noticeable, particularly in bright sunlight / daytime, and this is probably my overall biggest complaint about the headrests. I wonder if there's a way to gently bleach the color lighter?? I suspect if you have Grey or Black interior, the matching might be closer, particular for black leather.
2) you have to make sure to use the snug fitting plastic adapter inserts (or better yet, buy the alternate different diameter posts that the guy mentions in the OnFair video).
They're not really labelled as far as measurements, so you'll probably have to just use trial and error to figure out which two are the best to use.
3) The headrests must be physically turned on with the center power button whenever you want to use them. They do not automatically power up when you start the car.
4) the total install took me maybe an hour going slowly... if I had to do it again, I could probably slap them both in there within 20 minutes.

hope this thread helps some of you thinking of doing the same thing.
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