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I just purchased this CRV a few weeks ago. there is a 3.5 male jack coming out of the bottom of the OEM 6 cd stereo - no NAV.

From what I have gathered its not stock, it goes out of the bottom of the stereo visibly on the dash and resides in the little cubby thing below the stereo . it seems to possibly be for hands free cell phone use , there is a wired microphone in there as well but its not actually connected to anything , its just in there like someone cut it off.

I have tried connecting my phone to the jack and putting it on full volume then messing around with the stereo, but no sound ever comes out from the phone and I am at a loss as to what else to try. googled around and am not finding any answers

In case its related the antenna doesnt seem to be connected. no stations are picked up , except one, 89.7 on fm2 , but it only works sometimes when I am messing around with the stereo, its quite weird actually as it comes in clearly but when I am switching around and go back , I get static.just like every other station no idea why it comes in sometimes .
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