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Average fuel and range not showing on display

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Hey there, fellow CR-V owners!
A week or so ago, I noticed that the display in my 2011 CR-V was no longer showing the average fuel and range. I changed the setting to show elapsed time and average speed, and those readings were blank as well. I poked through the settings and reset the trip meter but couldn't solve my problem

Note that it is the display, and not the odometer (the digital display near the speedometer...not explaining this very well, am I? ) that is having the issue. The odometer actually shows the range as normal.

Any idea what I could do to solve this problem?
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I had the same issue and found this info on another forum -- in my case I pulled the Under Hood fuse # 29 to check and reinstalled as it was ok and the problem went away - must have been a bad connection.

imid display not showing avg fuel and range – check under hood fuse # 29 (Backup)

To get to in line diagnostic menu on iMid
press menu + source and i pressed on " in line diag " ,

To stoop In line diag from showing up every time car is started,
press on menu button, then press again and hold menu + 5 clicks on source
now press on in line diag option and set it on "complete"

problem solved!

Thanks so much for all the help received in this forum
Thanks IJM I had the same issue and reseating fuse #29 took care of the missing display.
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