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Something small, but I would like to know nevertheless...

So i got my CRV new from dealer...
just got plates, and I notice they mounted their plate cover and temp plate with only 2 screws....
but there's 4 screw holes on the car. (as well as the actual license plate itself)

What Honda has given (that i found insidet the car) are the plate holder and screws for the front . Those screws are noticeably thicker, and will break the back threads if i try to use 2 of those on the back, i think...

So, is it normal that i only got 2 screws for the back plate?

also, can someone tell me the right size for back license plate screws?
(They seem to be smaller diameter than the ones from Honday for front, but length is same, looks 3/4inch legth, no idea of diameter)
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