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I just went through a 3 week ordeal with our Honda dealer here in Canada where I was in 4 times to correct a backup camera problem on my new 2014 CRV EXL.

The best way to describe the problem was when the car was put into reverse the backup camera would display a view what looked like a fisheye lense or you were looking through a peep hole. The lines in the camera view would point up into the air. In addition to that, when I pressed the control dial to cycle through the other 3 views, there was only one, looking straight down.

The purpose of this thread is for anyone that may experience the same issue: the solution for my CRV was in the wiring harness back in the rear hatch. It needed to be replaced because of a broken wire. (Not the camera. Not the screen in the dash. Not in any reset that you could do in the menu, menu+source screens)

Hope this helps!


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