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Hi all,
I have a 98 Honda Crv Ex 5 speed, and I have been having a problem with it and
can't figure it out.
Here it is: When starting the car when the engine is cold, if i don't let it warm up to operating
temp it will start to idle very low (200 rpms or less) and almost stall. Once it almost stalls it will
"catch" and rev back up to normal rpms, between 700 and 800. It will do this as the engine is sitting,
warming up. After the car gets to operating temp it will stop running
rough and start to run perfectly fine. When it doesnt get to operating temp before driving the car, it will do this same
thing but as its going down the road! It will feel like its losing power and will slow way down but
then as it gets more gas it will kind of jerk and drive rough through every gear until I stop on the
side of the rd to let it idle. Any ideas?
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