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Balancer Shaft sprocket pin dowel or woodruff key?

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Has anyone removed the balancer shaft sprocket in a 2004, 2.4L K24A engine? If so, was there a woodruff key of any kind to keep the sprocket in place? I just removed mine and there is a gap in the sprocket and in the shaft that could house one, but I didn't find it. I have not seen one in any online schematics. The Haynes manual refers to a dowel pin where I would expect the woodruff key to be, but I've never heard it called a dowel pin. I'm trying to set the balance shaft timing and need to align the "dowel pin" on the shaft and mark on the pump housing, but can't tell what the dowel pin is and I can't tell what keeps the sprocket locked into place on the shaft. I've scoured the internet and this site with no luck.
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Do you have a keyway milled in both the shaft and sprocket? If so, then most likely there was a key there at, and if you had things lock up with the timing chain failure, that probably caused the sprocket to spin and shear the key. We do a lot of machining of these types of parts, and very rarely would you have the key machined onto either of the parts. You can measure the width and depth of the keyways and find a key at the auto parts. If one of the keyways has a radius milled in the bottom, they it would be a woodruff key.
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