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2016 CRV EX-L
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I just recently bought my (only crv) 2014, nothing to compare it to. Decided on that year as it's the last to have a normal transmission vs the cvt type.

Many people are happy with their cvt type trans, but some are not. That I think is the biggest decision to make re the various gens. There are of course other differences, too numerous to list, but the trans isn't really something you can replace with a different type, like a new head unit, or newer wheels / tires, or etc etc. etc.

On the other hand, as Racoon points out, the VTC actuator problem is an expensive one, if you have to do it. My exl has almost 51k on it and does not have that problem, knock wood. At this time, I'm very happy with my '14 gen4, it's a sweet sweet ride.

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