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Bi-xenon projector headlights for 3rd Gen Honda CRV 2010

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Anyone bought these for their 3rd gen CRV?

I previously installed the Anzo CCFL headlights in my 2010 CRV, but the CCFL inverter boxes burnt out and I hate replacing them. I like that these already have proper HID projectors built in. I was running HIDs for 7 years in my projectors and tried the morimoto 2stroke LEDs and its not the same :(

I'm skeptical about buying something like this from an unknown seller in China. Any advice? Any chance these would be street legal here? The harness should be compatible with our dual light?
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CRV Headlight costs have dropped a lot in the last 5 years. The full pair in black was only $160 shipped so I decided to just do it: For 2007-11 Honda CR-V Headlights Assembly w/Amber Corner Black Housing Clear Lens Full Set: Automotive

The parts for the retrofit cost a lot more, the shroud + LED hallos cost as much as the projectors, total being $437 for the retrofit parts:

Bi-Xenon: Morimoto Mini D2S 5.0 P-M-D2S5 1
Bi-Xenon Projectors
2 x Bi-Xenon: Morimoto Mini D2S 5.0: (Round Lens/LHD) $145.00 PR56
Optional Lock Ring Tool
1 x Morimoto Mini D2S 5.0 Lock Ring Tool $10.00 SP34
Morimoto RetroRubber Butyl Glue A-BUTYL-A330 1
RetroRubber Glue
1 x Black: RetroRubber $17.00 A330
Panamera S-PANAMERA 1
Panamera Shrouds
2 x Panamera $30.00 S250
Optional Switchback Halos
2 x 110mm: Profile Pivot Ring w/ Driver (Switchback) $75.00 LED260

D2S: Morimoto Elite HS-D2S 1 $160.00
HID Ballasts
2 x 35w / D2S: Morimoto XB Ballast $100.00 BL12
D2S HID Bulbs
2 x D2S: XB35 4500K (35W) $35.00 B640
Wire Harness
1 x MotoControl Bi-Xenon: H4/9003 $25.00 H60

So $600 (437+160) for the entire retrofitted set seems pretty good. I found a company in Texas that can do it and mail it to you too for $900 (without Halos):

Honda CR-V (2007-2011) Headlight Package

So you do save about $500 or ~half compared to just buying it.

Because of the H4 ring in our headlights everything is plug n play except for the shrouds. Those you have to cut the back of by one inch and gluing them to the projector was stressful. The shrouds easily took more time than everything else combined. I haven't done the swap yet, hate taking off the bumper...

Link to the photos of the build:

The LED hallos are very bright, I was worried they might not be good DRLs but excellent brightness.
Hi, new to the club. I also purchased same exact kit as yours. I was wondering how did you wire the shrouds for DRL?
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