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Dear Honda Users,

First, I apologize for using this forum to report a stolen HONDA CRV. I am writing to spread the word that my Black Honda CRV 2013 model was stolen from my apartment parking lot on 5/9/16. It was my fault that I had accidentally left my house keys (along with my car keys) in my front door lock when I came into the apartment at 11 PM Sunday night. The next morning, while getting ready to work as usual, I couldn’t find the keys to my car. When I stepped out, I found that my car was stolen from its parking space. I took few minutes to digest that shock and called 911 to file a report. Covina (CA) police took the vehicle information and few other details to register a vehicle theft case and was later suggested to file insurance claim. I have comprehensive coverage on my car and might get back some money if the vehicle is never recovered. However, I am not really impressed with either the apartment management or the police with the way that the investigation is being carried out. The apartment management wouldn’t even issue a memo to seek any leads with regards to this stealth or at least warn the residents of the vehicle theft that someday might affect them if they are not careful. They don’t even have one cc camera at the apartment gate for the resident security, and when asked about the same they answer that they don’t use them for resident privacy—really? Mind you this is a gated community with only clicker or code access to the residents or their visitors. The apartment corridors are long and closed like something you see in hotels.
Police wouldn’t understand that it could well be residents or their visitors who happen to swing by my apartment, found that the keys were left on the door, and decided to steal the car (glad that they didn’t come into my apartment using the keys) - remember that it was between 11 PM to 7 AM in the morning. Who would have access to the community other than the residents or their visitors during those hours? I am not indicating that all the residents should be questioned, but I am only frustrated that the police is not even attempting to secure footage from the nearby traffic light cameras to identify possible suspects.
So, I request all my dear fellow Honda users to report to the police if they see black Honda CRV bearing CA-6XKP235 plate. The car has distinct black and red leather seats visible from the outside. I sincerely appreciate the help, in advance.:(:(
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