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Question any issues with tire pressure recalibration when going to 19?
No, I've had no issues at all. Discount tire mounted the tires on the rims / car, and recommended keeping them at 34 / 35. And that seems very optimal for my driving style. The handling is really much like driving a sedan, and, near as I can tell, the mileage is improved due to the less 'rolling resistance'. For my basic driving, usually just around town at speeds 40 or so limits, imid display shows 28 to 31 mpg.

On a side note, some have mentioned one needs to consider re calibrating the speedo / odo etc. But it's important to know; if you change the overall circumference very little, the difference is so negligible it won't be a concern. As example, I went from oem 225x65x17 to 225x55x19. Tire size calculator shows that when going 20mph, you're now actual will be 20.1, all the way up to 90mph and actual is 90.6 -- we don't even have 1/2 mile an hour indicators on our displays.

Mileage wise the difference is +0.7%, which calculates out as every 10,000 miles of driving, it would be actual 10,070. Pretty negligible difference imho. One would be smart to mention it to a prospective buyer, maybe even make a note of it with the title, be sure to note at what mileage you make the tire / wheel change, as the prior odo mileage would be considered 'normal'.

21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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