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Blind spot sensors

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Ok got my two front tinted today weather today raining chilly in the 40”s top tint strips by the sun visors I get home the blind spot monitoring info system turned on reading all these threads is it because the water hit the door sensors? Had the heat blasting so it would dry I even turned the blind spot assist off it still came in reading this will the light go off in 1 or 2 days can’t open windows for 4 days but I’m giving it 7 days will the light go away once the sensors dry? Thanks
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According to other reports in other threads.. it will self resolve once the water evaporates... which I don't think you can really accelerate on your own.

But.. I see your picture you chose for your forum handle.. so maybe we blame it all on the dog... since he is also wearing the hat backwards. :D Just kidding! Welcome to the forum.. and let us know if this self resolves or you end up with a lingering issue that needs dealer attention.

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Thanks William yeah that my pitbull he sits in the back just funny as soon as windows got tinted in front that light came on but today is day 2 n the truck is outside in the sun it’s nice out today I’m hoping the light goes away by tomorrow I’m watching it but I’m sure the water will dry he did spray a lot lol and thank you good forum I really don’t want to head to a dealer pray it drys
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