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The vehicle in question is a US built '09 CR-V. It was in the shop (non dealer) last week for an inspection and tire rotation and a check of the brakes. Currently the vehicle has 80K on the clock and the pads on all 4 corners are essentially 50% left.

We had an issue with a scuffing noise on the left front, so I pulled the wheel and removed, checked and replaced the pads. I cleaned the retainer clips and lubed them and removed any rust on the locater tabs on the pads. The slider pins are fine, which was my major concern.

After this check, momma took the little beast out for a spin to see if the cleaning solved the problem. No joy; what was intermittent was now constant. So I pulled the wheel again, and eventually discovered that the splash shield behind the rotor had gotten bent and was contacting the rotor. A little effort with a small pry bar and all is good in suburbia.

Now to the question: When I pulled the wheels (steel) I noticed that the end on one stud was painted blue and the wheel had a blue spot on it at one of the holes. What is the significance of the blue spots? Are they connected to the wheel balance?

Any info, or a possible source of information would be huge.

Thanking folks in advance.

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