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Hey guys, I am new and hope you can answer a question for me. We paired up our phones to our brand new 2013 CR-V (woot!) and it works perfectly (well, almost). The guy at the dealership that has a fancy title and gets people acquainted with their new interior electronics says that the caller's picture is supposed to show up on the little screen, but he said it has never worked for him. Well sure enough, it doesn't work for us, either. I guess my first question is:

1) is the caller's picture *really* supposed to show up on the screen?
2) if so, is there a trick to making it happen?

Any insight you can provide would be really appreciated. Not that it's a major thing, but it would be cool to see work. This is our first new vehicle in 11 years, and we really want to explore it.

Thanks for any advice.

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