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Bolt next to purge solenoid

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Hello. New to forum. I’ve always had pilots and a 2011 Crv. Looking at your threads I replaced the Evap purge solenoid. Had to bend the heater pipe bracket to get that bottom bolt. Ordered some stubby sockets for future use. Haha. Anyway next to the solenoid I have just a threaded hole. What goes in there. About an inch to the left of the solenoid. Looks yellow but it’s threaded. I didn’t remove anything that was there but in the past have had a starter and compressor put on. Thanks for any info!!


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The moderators are not going to like multiple posts about the same thing. You don't need to start a new thread to add more information or post a photo. Just use the original thread or post.
The same base engine is used on multiple vehicles. That is most likely a location to be used on a different configuration, in a different platform.
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