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Brake bleeding problem--2001 CRV

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I have an '01 CRV with about 195K. I've owned the car for about 8 months. Installing new brake pads/shoes on the car.
Needed to bleed brakes due to having to work with one of the rear wheel cylinders. I can't seem to get any brake fluid out of the rear lines. With a helper opening and closing the bleeder valve while pumping pedal etc. No joy. Can't get any brake fluid
out of either side of the rear. Pretty much a dead pedal. Things were fine prior to my wrenching. Car has ABS so I'm wondering about that being the source of my trouble. I've got a Haynes manual but it has shed no light. Does anyone have any ideas?
I'm no stranger to doing brake work so a straight bleed procedure amoung others I've done. Thanks

Staunton, Va
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Thanks for replying to my query. I bought a MityVac and was able to bleed the brakes normally. Started with the right front and went clockwise around car. It all went as it should. I'm not sure why I couldn't bleed by way of the brake pedal, I guess something to do with the ABS system. To answer your questions concerning the wheel cylinders, no I didn't replace anything there. The lines and bleed screws seemed fine. It's been a few months now and all seems good.

My next task-----I need to replace the AC compressor. Hopefully before cold weather sets in. I'm thankful I'm comfortable with swinging a wrench.
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