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Hi all, My red C is so cute...but I need to ask about a couple of impact incidents, To see if anyone thinkS the car should be looked at by a mechanic amd may likely need repairs...

1. Got backed into in a parking lot, very light impact. So, left side of hatch door (and surrounding area) Has scratches and slight crease. Didn't get any insurance info from the other driver. Was not planning to do anything about it except maybe touch up the Molten Lava Red paint - very sparingly, so as not to draw more attention.

2. Then couple days later I pulled IN (facing forward) to parking spot - too far and hit low cement berm, maybe 6 " high. Again seemed like a light tap, BUT I heard a strange noise. The left rear panel of car had popped out! This is the one that has a diagonal leading edge, which leads up to the tail light. I could see some pre-drilled holes in the flat edge (maybe 3/4 in wide flat edge at leading edge of diagonal piece) . I was not at home, so I just pushed it back gently, which didn't work, then pushed it harder and it is in, and "Looks," fine.

But I have serious concerns:

1 I don't know if there were bolts or clips or anything in those holes originally.

2. I don't know if I just leave it the way it is, and get into a serious accident, would it wreck the car worse ? And, more importantly, would it compromise MY safety to leave it as is?

I am a single woman on a tight budget, but of course want to do the right thing for ME and for my car.

Would appreciate comments, particularly from experienced mechanics...THANKS!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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