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Hi, new to the forum here.

We are in the market for purchasing a new CR-V EX AWD in the next few months, and we were wondering whether we should wait until 2019 models come out for a better price on the 2018 CR-V. Just curious, approximately how much would we save by waiting until the 2019 model comes out? (Hoping that new CR-V purchasers would share their buying experiences.)

We are not too picky about the color as long as it's EX AWD, and we'll likely finance some of the cost of the purchase.

Does anyone know approximately when the 2019 models will come out? From googling 2017 CR-V came out in mid/late December, but I wasn't able to find when 2018 CR-V was released. We plan to buy the care in salt lake city Utah.

If there happens to be some good best practices on purchasing a 2018 CR-V, please feel free to share. thanks in advance.

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