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Buying another 2006- any thoughts of British vs Japan built?

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Currently driving a 2006 Japan built CR-V with 330,000 or so miles. I hit a deer last week, and I replaced my condenser and radiator and all is well but I'm starting to realize that maintaining this could be difficult- I live in NY so every bolt is usually rusted. It's starting to burn a little oil and a new PCV valve didn't fix it, so I'm taking this all as a sign to look for something just in case. While it's running well, I'm starting to look for the same year but with less miles- I've seen ones with 100k or so on the clock for $6,000 which I think is well worth it, considering I know how to do so much repair myself on the model.

Only thing is, the two I'm looking at are British-built, mine is Japan-built. Are there any big differences reliability wise? I'd like to get another 200k or so again out of the next one, but it seems like British-made cars are a bit of a joke in the reliability world and I thought I should ask before I purchased one, even if it is Honda. Are British built CR-Vs more common than I think?

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