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Earlier this year i posted here and wrote about a strange noise inside the cabin , that begins right after i changed my tires.
After doing a lot of research and for some stupid reason I replaced the whole rear shock absorbers set complete with spring…and the brakes with the rotors just to be able to say that I try that and it didn’t solve the noise issue.
Now, I bought Michlin sport 225\60\18 instead of the Dunlop that were factory installed.
My car have now 46K KM and my crv is 2010, 2.4.
I decided to change the tires again and ordered the genuine factory tires that were installed on the car when it left the factory.
Reminder, the car is made in UK, the Dunlop are made in Japan.
Now, right after the Dunlop were installed, the noise was completely gone.
It's very hard to notice it now.
Overall, the steering wheel that was unstable, became stable again, and hard, it was sending the car to the right all the time since I pun on the michlin, nothing to do with the front, all OK.
As I said, when the Dunlop put on, all become OK.
No more car to the right, now its practically driving itself and straight.
So all of you who have this echo noise in low speed that stays the same and never change,
And started after u changed the tires, change them again.
As I become a pro in that car, I will be happy to help with other problems .

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