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Caliper Parts - 2008 CRV EX 2.2 cdti

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I'm gathering up some parts to replace my front discs & pads and possibly refurbish the calipers
Caliper shims - I have a set of 8 included with my "Borg & Beck" set of pads

I'm guessing it's only earlier models have what seems like a double-shim or slider piece?

Caliper slider pins - should one have an anti-vibration rubber, and which end of the caliper should it be fitted?

Many thanks in advance (y)
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Quick update - just got this response from a parts retailer I asked the same question regarding the slider pins;

Hi, thanks for contacting us
The pin with the anti-vibration boot is usually the trailing pin on Bosch calipers.
So if your caliper are leading, mounted to the front of the disc, it would be the top pin.
I hope this helps
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