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I have Video but it won't allow me to upload. If you want to see I can send it to you. TIA

So, this doesn't happen all the time only a handful of times so far and it happens out of the blue. 2018 turbo 42,500 miles.

While at a stop all of a sudden there is resistance turning the steering wheel. The resistance is minor but you can feel the difference.

While this is going on at a stop, if you turn the wheel left the lights dim then if you turn it right the gps goes black..

While you turn the steering wheel left to right all light go dim.

So left and right dims the lights and right dims light and turns dash where the radio, off as you see on the video.

During this time collision light comes on says it's failure. Lame hawk comes on says it's failing. Then the sencor for brakes comes on.

2nd issue is it could be warming up for 15 20 minutes and the thermostat is still cold. Drove it for 20 min, so a total of 40 min of being on, and still cold. Then all of a sudden, it goes dead center to the middle on the gauge.

Sometimes WHILE driving for hours on a trip. The temperature gage will be dead center, then AOS it goes to cold.

Any suggestions any advice anything will be appreciated. TIA
I would love to stick a voltmeter across the battery terminal clamps while you turn the steering wheel...Unlike previous cars, your steering is all electric. When you turn the wheel it draws considerable current. When the car is standing still the steering draws way more current than when it's moving. Since your lights are dimming, this indicates the added steering load is greater than what the system can generate and the system voltage drops. This could be caused by any one of the following reasons
1. Issue with the electric steering system
2. Battery condition
3. Alternator issues
4. Or simply a poor electrical connection at the battery terminals or from the negative battery terminal to the chassis ground connection.
The last reason, poor electrical connections is one that you can check out yourself.
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