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Car in Storage for Three Years

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Long story short - we own a 2018 CRV that we bought new, along w/a Honda Care warranty extension out to eight years. We're a military family, and it looks like we'll be overseas in Japan for three years. Originally was thinking about just selling the CRV, but then reconsidered after remembering that we'd still be covered under warranty should the car get troublesome after bringing her back to life post-storage. Already planning on basically replacing all the fluids, hoses, battery and possibly tires (if they don't recover). Any thoughts?
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Why dont u cash out the warranty and bring it to carmax.
when my parents deployed to kwajalein they did that and when they returned they would have run the risk of damage from sitting + depreciation

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I think you can get reimbursement for the Honda extended warranty if you don鈥檛 have any claim within x years. What worry me the most about leaving a car in long term storage is rodents. Rodents loves the environmental friendly soy based wire insulation they used in newer cars and aircrafts. They will chew up the wirings and will cause a lot of damage. I鈥檓 not sure how you can prevent it...moth balls? Covered all the openings? Also insurance coverage for 3 years, storage fees, interest on the loan and car is depreciation assets. Unless it鈥檚 a classic or rare sports cars. I would sell it to CarMax, vroom, carvana etc.. not worth the hassle.
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