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Car Repaired with Poor Quality Part

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I just arrived to a new city a few weeks ago and am dealing with series of car problems. I have a 1998 Honda CRV. The last of the problems was my struts locking up when lifted for other work. As I am new to the area I don't have a trusted mechanic. I shopped around and went to the shop that came in very low cost with many 5 star reviews. They replaced the front strut assembly.

When the work was done I wasn't happy with the way the car drove. I gave it a few days to be sure in my opinion and this morning took it to a different repair shop with high ratings to get their feedback. They said the issue was a low quality strut that is weak and causing excess rocking and a poorer quality ride. They said it was safe but that the only way to improve the ride was to use a better part.

I need to keep my repair costs down at this time. I just spent a fair amount on other repairs, plus this is an older car. But I certainly didn't want to impair the quality of the drive of my great little car. I am unsatisfied but unsure what to do.

Also, I have a "bad feeling" from the shop that did the repairs and am hesitant to go back to them with the issue.

Any wisdom, recommendations or good advice in this situation?
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Call the shop that replaced he strut assembly and complain about the poor quality struts and see what they say.

If they apologize and offer to replace them with a better quality strut think about taking them up on their offer, but also ask how much extra they're going to charge. If they won't cut you a good break on the replacement cost and labor then thank them, hang up, and go somewhere else.
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