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Car vibrations, possibly diagnosed, unknown parts, need expertise advice...

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Hey guys, not 100% sure if this goes here or should go in another section of the forums.. but..

For some time my 04' Honda CRV has had some sort of vibration whist driving.. primarily more noticeable during acceleration. As to rule out the possibility of wheel balancing issue, I booked it into a local tyre place, and mentioned I was trying to diagnose this issue. Super nice guys helped me out and took it for a test drive then lifted to inspect before doing the wheel allignment/balance (didnt charge for the diagnose either :) ). The guy who test drove it certainly noticed the vibration, inspected and told me (and showed me) what the likely issue was.

1st there was the Dynamic Dampener for the rear Differential, it was a cylinder shape that was loose and handing by a pinch of rubber.

2nd, there was (I can't recall the exact name, hoping you guys can help me out here), some kind of mounting bushing (pick below) which can a split.

Apparently these parts were worn.

Dynamic Dampener for the rear Differential

some kind of mounting bushing

There was another part, I think its the Rear Differential Mount, cant remember if he said it need replacing or not, but I noticed a tiny splt in it.. probably best to replace ?

I'm having trouble identifying the name of these parts.. can anyone help ?

Also, besides a HONDA dealer, where else might I find replacement parts or kits?

I got a quote for $559 parts (parts from HONDA) and labor.. but if I can get the parts cheaper, dont think it'll be too hard of a job??

Any suggestions would be super..

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I'm with Rocky, sound like your u joints need replacing, sure the other parts are worn out. But they won't make a crv vibrate
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