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Thanks for this tip, I'm going to give it a try. Most of the time my phone loads up quickly when connected. Once in a while it will not, and I unlock the phone and it sometimes connects/sometimes I have to unplug and plug back in.

For a while I was getting an issue where the head unit would go black when using carplay. It would usually happen when using any navigation and I get a phone call. Once I hang up the call the head unit would go black. Only option was to reboot the head unit and the phone.

This week I had a strange issue. The head unit was fine but my phone locked up after a phone call, which also locked up my navigation program Waze. I have an iPhone 8 with latest iOS update. I could see my phone wall paper but it looked dim and blurry. I could zoom in the screen. I could hit the home button and the screen would light up. No icons would show up. I could also say "hey siri" and it would respond, but would tell me to unlock the phone, which i could not do because the unlock keypad wouldn't come up. I could see my LTE signal and battery info clearly, but wall paper was blurry and dim.

Only option was to do a hard reset on phone. I had to look up the instructions for a hard reset, it was changed with iPhone 8. Press volume up once, press volume down once, hold in power button. After reset it was fine. I didnt need to reboot head unit.
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