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CarPlay issue fixed.

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Probably the only issue I've experienced on both my 2017 CR-V and 2018 Accord is that sometimes the infotainment system didn't recognize when I plugged in my iPhone. I saw on another thread that they resolved this by changing a setting on their iPhone, and because that fix worked for me, I thought it deserved it's own thread.

If your system doesn't recognize your iPhone unless you first unlock your phone, make this change in your phone:

2) Go to FACETIME & PASSCODE (this may be a different name on older iPhones)
3) Scroll down and turn on "USB Accessories"


Hope this helps others that are also annoyed when the infotainment system doesn't recognize their phone. Since I made the change to the settings, my iPhone has worked flawlessly in both of my cars that have CarPlay.
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Thanks for the tip. I just made the change on my iPhone even though I havent had any issues with CarPlay in the 7 weeks I've owned the CR-V.

On another note.. when I was car shopping for a new daily driver a couple months ago it basically came down to '18 Accord 2.0 Touring vs '18 CRV EX-L. The CR-V won because it was cheaper, AWD + Hatchback + folding seats for flat cargo floor = makes it infinitely more practical.. and should have much less depreciation as the years rolled by now that Crossover/SUVs are outselling cars 2 to 1. And while I know made the right decision for my needs (and my family).. I still kinda wonder just how much more I would liked the Accord 2.0T with all bells, whistles and power! Seems like a really fun car to drive on a daily basis.

I see you have both the Accord and CR-V. Which vehicle is your favourite to drive and why?
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