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Carplay no longer works

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I've used Carplay since I bought a 2018 ExL and it has worked perfectly. This week it simply stopped working. When I plug the Iphone into the correct usb port, the phone indicates it is charging but Carplay does not come up on the CRV screen. I have tried several different USB cable including another new Apple cable with no success. I also tried another Iphone with no change. It appears the problem is the CRV and not a Iphone problem.

I read one article that said to delete the Iphone from the CRV which I did and nothing comes up when I plug the phone in. I also deleted the CRV from the Iphone with no change.

Anyone experienced this problem? I really like using Google maps and Waze.
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Hard reset the headunit
Wipe the car from iphone
Setup as new
Make sure you have a non damaged quality cable & that its in the correct port
How do you hard reset the head unit?
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