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okay here are the most common problem causers with cats, this is brief because its pretty simple.

number one on my list is fuel additives, they say safe for cats and sensors, that's because the actual additive is safe, and may clean the inside of your motor, but all that stuff has to go somewhere, now unless you race and off road like i do, you have a cat. i have a test pipe so i dont have to worry, this thread is for your info.

when the detergants knock sludge and carbon build up loose, guess where it ends up, stuck in your cat.

number two is throttle body cleaner, if you blast it into your throttle body and intake manifold, sure it cleans thoes but not only can the stuff foul your plugs but all the carbon and sludge, agin, gets trapped in your cat.

i think number three is bad plugs and rich fuel air ratios, unburnt fuel will end up in your cat, and will sit there with all the carbon and sludge you knocked loose from above instantses.

now with emission standards and the prices of cats, not to mention the loss of power that a clogged cat will cause, you dont want any of the above to happen so keep up with engine matnence, as all of the above conditions will also ruin o2 sensors! so if you feel the need to clean your motor PM me, i have some very easy DIY cat and sensor safe fixes. and if you dont feel safe with doing it yourself i will explain it step by step, bolt by bolt, ill even make a youtube video if needed. or ill tell you what to tell your mechanic.

this write up is just based on what i have seen, learned, and what has happend to me, by no means am i playing doctor and telling you exactly what is wrong with your cat, and problems are not limited to these conditions.
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