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I am changing out my 2001 Honda CRV SE painted Bumper Covers for The LX/EX Dark Grey Vinyl ones.

I have found them available on several After Market online stores such as, PARTS GEEK .com, and CAR PARTS .com.

I am getting prices around $50-$60 per bumper cover from each place.

Parts Geek, I think has 3 different lines available. A Value Line, Platinum Line, and a Platinum Pus line.

My 2 MAIN concerns is that the product:

1. Fits
2. Is a matching vinyl color to my trim.(AT least very close)

I don't need to spend extra money just because one product is More Durable or stronger at this time.

Do you guys feel spending money on these more value line products will be suitable or should I be spending more money on these at this time?


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