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I'd like to make a copy of the valet key to my 2018 EX-L (button starter). I don't need the copy to do anything other than open the door, and I would prefer it if it had a "normal" key shape, not the "L" shape that fits into the fob.

My local Honda dealer quoted me $80 to make it, and they only have the "L" shape blanks. I searched for blanks on Amazon, and the products shown have "normal" key shapes -- but the website says they are not compatible with the 2018 CRV. I wonder if the website is saying that only because they are not the "L" shape that fits into the fob?

Anyhow, has anyone found a valet key blank that works? If I can find the right blank, I'm hoping a local locksmith can cut it for me for $20.

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