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**UPDATED 11/5/18, see below**

The discussion of oil dilution in the 5th Gen CR-V, from the CR-V Owners Club forum

-"I have gas smell in my oil, and oil level is way too high"

-"When I changed my oil, it was way too thin and “watery” and smells of gas"

-"I bet everyone with the 1.5L 5th Gen CR-V has it as well, but doesn’t know it"

-"Get your used oil checked by a lab"

-"Check your oil frequently"

-"Change your oil frequently"

-"Resale values will plummet, get out now while you can!"

-"Don’t buy a CRV"

-"Buy a RAV4"

-"I don’t have the problem, you are wrong"

-"I haven’t seen the issue, but will check it often"

-"It seems to be only in cold areas, or when short trips are the norm"

-"No, I also have it and I drive long drives and live in a warm state"

-"I don’t get any heat in my CR-V when it is cold out"

-"No heat issue may be related to oil dilution issue"

-"The orange dipstick is too hard to read, so you are reading it wrong"

-"Modify the orange dipstick so you can get an accurate reading"

-"I love my Honda, always have bought Hondas and they are great"

-"You are a Honda fanboy, according to you, nothing they do is ever wrong"

-"You don’t own a CR-V, why are you posting here?"

-Accusations of trolls etc. continue

-Threads are closed due to bickering and duplicated posts/information

-China announces a stop sale and recall on the 1.5L CR-Vs

-China's fix is software and a “radiator pipe?”

-Honda Canada announces a “fix” for Canada CRVs via public press release

-No public USA press release, but CR quotes Honda official stating there will be a fix for USA owners in some coldest states in Mid November

-More states will be added in the following 2 months as parts are available

-Owners in Canada are very happy

-Owners in the first set of USA states are happy, but owners in other states are not happy

-Club members (your’s truly for one) pick apart the CR article, and another one posted by also quoting a Honda official as incomplete, or having errors

-Accusations of fanboy, shill, and trolls are again being posted

**UPDATED 11/5/18**:
-Honda updates Owner's manual to say: '"Under certain driving conditions, it is normal for the engine oil level to rise above the upper mark. If you have a concern, consult a dealer for details"

-"after FIX" -- Limited early reports coming in (not all precincts heard from) with mixed results:
-"heating is better",
- "heating is not better"
-"the engine does maintain temperature. It didn't before"
-"car now has more lag from stop and idles rough"
-"Throttle tip is slightly more responsive, idle quality improved"

Is this about right?

With this said, I would REALLY hope that we can again be a happy club where our main focus is to support each other and enjoy our CRVs. And, of course, other posters who don’t own a CRV will have important advice and information as well. I for one am not always the most eloquent when I type a post, and often can’t convey the correct emotion I am trying to…with the printed word, and don’t see the emotion or tone of voice or facial expression the others are posting with either.

Thank you all for the understanding. It really looks like the oil dilution issue is being addressed and even if you live in a “warm state” you will likely get help from Honda by staying in touch with your dealer.


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After this one:

-"You don’t own a CR-V, why are you posting here?"

You need to add:

-"You don't own a CR-V with a 1.5L turbo so you don't know what you're talking about."

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Updated first post 11/5/18
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