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Cleaning a CR-V 2.2 i-DTEC DPF off the car.

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I've been having the DPF light on my CR-V once a week since I've had it and tried everything to stop it recurring so frequently with no joy. However, I've only just discovered that the ash is never actually ejected once it has regenerated and the build up of ash reduces the efficacy of the DPF after about 100,000 miles or so according to the AA. I'm fairly confident that, given that my CR-V has done about 110,000 miles, this sounds like a likely contender for being the issue that I'm having as I have noted that many CR-V drivers don't do particularly long drives, but hardly ever see this.

I watched this video showing a Peugeot DIY DPF Clean yesterday.

When looking for videos on the same process for my CR-V, all of the demos seem to be garages doing a spray in type job while still mounted on the car. My suspicion is that this technique in the Peugeot video above would be a lot more thorough and effective for getting out the ash. Has anyone ever done this? Is it even possible to open up the DPF in this manner to clean it like the Peugeot one above.

Thanks for your help.