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Setting the climate control temperature to 72 degrees (regardless of the outside temp) will result in a very warm cabin temperature. Setting the climate control temperature to 63 degrees (again, regardless of the outside temp) maintains a comfortable cabin temperature. The correlation between the actual temperature and the dialed temperature is off by about 9 degrees. Anyone have a similar observation and perhaps a fix? Tx, Curt S.
Exactly the same issue for me. I use it in Celsius and all my previous vehicles would set auto climate to 21 which was always very comfortable. With the CR-V, if I set it to 21 the whole family starts to sweat. I have to set it to 17-18C.

However once the fans "calm down" as it reaches the set temperature (this is usually about 15-20 mins in), I find I need to then turn it up in the winter to 20 to keep up. It seems very erratic to me. You should just be able to set it and forget it.

It takes some getting used to but I don't like needing to move the temperature dial up and down several times to maintain a consistent cabin temperature.
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