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Yes, same issue on my 20'. Appears to be a ongoing issue. The dealer didn;t know what to say. Put dye in and said it was oercharged?? I will be contacting Honda further
Unless your climate control system is malfunctioning, what you have expressed is an owner perception issue more so than anything else.

I suggest you read post number 3 in this thread, carefully, .... It actually nails the "perception issue" that is plaguing you.

The climate control system in your CRV, really any current generation Honda, is meant to allow the driver to establish an comfortable personal set point ambient temperature for the cabin. This is actually much more difficult to do than for a home air and heating system.. because the thermal dynamics of a vehicle cabin are... for lack of a better term.. complicated. Not to mention.. different drivers... completely different view as to what is a "comfortable temperature".

Fixating on the temperature set point and then complaining that it does not feel that temperature while you drive is chasing the wrong challenge here. The CRV is actually working to insure that the cabin does float around the set point on the dial. But it is not meant to precise to the degree.... because it is a comfort control system, not a temperature monitoring system, and vehicle cabin interiors are notoriously hard to regulate to a very narrow temperature range, particularly SUVs/CUVs.

Let me give you a simple reference example:
On a sunny and reasonably warm (but not scorching) day.... set your climate control system to say... 70, set it to Auto... drive for 10 minutes or so until your vehicle has had time to reach set point in the cabin. Now.. drive facing into the sun.. and notice that it "feels" a lot warmer than 70. Now.. drive the reverse direction facing away from the sun.. and notice that it feels a lot cooler than when you were driving toward the sun... yet the climate control settings have not changed.

If you were to put a temperature gauge right into the blower ports (left or right) in the drivers position, you will see that the exhaust temperature of the blower ports rarely if ever matches the temperature setpoint you gave to the climate control system. It will in warm weather generally be notably below the setpoint you entered, and the reverse is true in cold weather. Modestly warm weather is the easiest challenge for the climate system, but even that is not as simple as one might think.

DO NOT underestimate the effects of the glass in your cabin in challenging the climate control system. It has a huge effect on driver "perceived comfort".
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