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Clock Fault - [Merged Master Thread]

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Short Summary -

Clock Time/Date Issue - Not GPS Related.

Honda USA aware - possible fix due by August 2022, not guaranteed. No timeline yet for Honda UK.

UK members - contact Honda UK via:

This thread will be locked if people cannot grow up and rein in their pseudo hysteria.

Read the thread BEFORE you consider posting.

We dont want to do this, but unless any posts actually have value, then we're left with no option but to close this thread and you'll ruin it for everyone.

Its your call.


All of a sudden my clock is resetting to 2002 at 4pm everytime I restart the car. Any thoughts? Maybe need to update Navigation DVD?
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Was coming to say the same thing, 2010 CRV showing 4:00 on January 1, 2002. Hopefully there’s a fix, but I’m relieved it’s not just me!

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Wait, you can get date visible as well? I've seen only time on my screen! Not that it matters anymore... 😞

My clock reset itself on January 1st, the only problem is that it reset itself to January 1 2002 at 1 pm. When I go to try and change the time it beeps but does not change the time. All my radio presets are still there and the navigation system seems to be working fine. Just called my local Honda dealer and they said that I was the third caller today with the same problem.
People are calling their dealers? I've never called my Honda dealer looking for help. In fact, that would be the last place to call because usually dealers don't know [Edited Out]. Google search and you have your answer in minutes.
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