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I'm big with safety, I mean BIG. And I know the chances of getting into an accident are slim and I think I'm an OK driver, but mosthly I worry about the wanna be Nascar drivers, people texting, or drunks on the road.

And if I could I would have my family drive in a tank, but we know that's not realistic.

So, I like yourself try to drive vehicles that are Top Safety Pick Plus from the list.
I prefer CUV over sedans for two reasons, one the CUV's are easier to get in and out and are easy on my back, the other one is the view, I can see a little higher/better than a lower than a sedan. I can see vehicles ahead and can maybe avoid a crash. I used to drive in NYC for many years so I had my share.

I also looked at the Accord and I believe is a very safe vehicle, better than your 16' CRV (passenger small overlap crash test is better on the Accord) So I drive a 2018 CRV and the wife and rest of the family drive a 2017 Mazda CX5 GT. Both are a Top Safety Plus pick.
And I'm not worry on what vehicle the wife or the kids are driving. The wife loves her CX5 but likes the fact that she can use Waze on the CRV, so she's been driving it lately.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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