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I dived deeper into the Consumer Reports site (I subscribe, so I have access to everything on their site).
Consumer Reports allows you to select multiple vehicles and compare their information side by side on the web page.
I did a comparison between a 2019 Accord EX and a 2019 CR-V EX.

I noticed that their fuel economy comparisons say that driving 12,000 miles a year the CR-V will cost you US $100 more than the Accord ($935 vs. $1035).

From a Safety standpoint they are very close, aside from:

The Accord handles a bit better in an emergency:

Emergency Handling rating: Accord 4 of 5, CR-V 3 of 5
Avoidance Maneuver Max Speed: Accord 55 mph, CR-V 52 MPH

In the Crash and Rollover section both had the same "Good" rating in the IIHS tests and 5 stars in all of the NHTSA tests...except the CR-V only got 4 stars for the NHTSA Rollover test.

So looking at the details, the Accord is a bit safer.

Accord Curb weight: 3,199 lbs
CR-V Curb weight: 3,307 to 3,512 lbs
So the heaviest CR-V (probably the AWD model) is only 313 lbs heavier, about 9%.
Not enough to make a difference in a crash, as the IIHS and NHTSA ratings show.

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Thanks for all of that. I'm not sure I understand your last point. Do the IIHS and NHTSA have data on how many pounds of weight makes a difference in a crash?
Do they specifically test to see if heavier vehicles fare better in the tests than smaller vehicles? No, they do not.
They do a series of tests on the vehicle, and then rate how well that vehicle does in each of the tests, regardless of how much the vehicles weighs.
And the tests they conduct are the same, regardless of how much the vehicle weighs.

So you can directly compare the test results of two vehicles, even if one weighs more than the other.

And in this case, there's not enough difference between the CR-V and Accord to make a difference.

And what I keep seeing in your responses is that you've already decided that the CR-V is somehow "safer" than an Accord, regardless of what any safety tests show.

So good luck with your choice, and I don't have anything more to offer you.
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